Tangible Financial Accessibility Statement

Tangible Financial has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that the content on this website is accessible to all visitors. Our website has been designed in accordance with guidelines laid down by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).


All pages contain a link to the home through the logo.

The navigation system has been constructed in a consistent fashion to provide clear navigation pathways throughout the site.


We've ensured that the design of our website has taken into account the needs of our different users. As such, we've implemented the following:

Enlarging text

To permanently enlarge the text in your internet browser follow the instructions for your browser type. If you have problems changing your settings, use the Help menu in your browser toolbar.


JavaScripts are small scripts built into web pages to add extra features such as form validation or visual effects and are used in certain areas of the site. Most browsers support JavaScript, however if yours does not, you will not be able to view certain interactive areas of the site in their totality. The best measures have been taken to make the JavaScript unobtrusive so that you will still be able to use the site with no issues or hinderance.

If you discover a part of our website that has been difficult to use, please contact us at info@tangible-financial.co.uk