About Lucian

Lucian Camp began his career as a copywriter some 30 years ago, working initially on products that you can eat, drink, drive and wear, but after ten years or so he discovered the subtle pleasures of the financial world, and has concentrated on it ever since. He has always worked on the creative side of the business, and continues to write for a number of clients as well as being his agency’s creative director.

He writes and speaks frequently on financial services marketing and communications topics, and maintains a strong belief that more interesting and engaging communications could play a big part in helping people manage their finances more actively and more successfully.

Lucian is married with two children and a large mortgage, and lives in north London where he watches football with his son and records pop music with his daughter.

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  1. Further to previous query (left after Mandela/Mugabe article) is it OK if I post your blog to twitter/FB? I think a few friends may enjoy it. xx

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