All over by Christmas? Not with Procurement involved.

I can’t give details because I’m NDAd up to the eyeballs, but I know someone who took part in a Procurement-led review of a large financial services group’s suppliers in a particular category.

The review took place towards the back end of last year, and it was both exhaustive and exhausting. There were scores of pages of details to fill in, and a very complex and stressful online reverse-auction process offering all the participating suppliers a chance to cut each others’ throats, as well as their own, with unsustainable bids.

The Procurement team said that the results of the review would be available by Christmas. Today is the 8th of March. The person I know has still heard nothing officially from the Procurement team, and the people within the company who use the services of the suppliers in question say they can’t cast any light on the situation either.

Within the review process, there are many small firms who depend hugely on their relationships with the big company in question. In some cases, if they were to be dropped from the big company’s roster, they would be out of business.

The incompetence, selfishness and lack of consideration on the part of the Procurement people beggars belief. I can’t find the words to express my contempt. If I had the power, I’d sack all but, say, two or three of them. And make them wait three months to see which two or three had survived.

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