Can someone please suggest something I ought to be nice about?

Plenty of things to be nice about in the big wide world, from the astonishing performance of Kevin Spacey as Richard III, which I saw last night, to the deliciousness of the seafood risotto at the always-excellent Olivomare in Lower Belgrave St, which I consumed a few days ago.

But in the world of financial services marketing, not so many. I worry periodically – quite often, actually – that unless I find things to enthuse about from time to time, all that this blog does is to reinforce my brand identity as a grumpy old bastard. This is not the brand I’m seeking to build: on the contrary, so far from Old Bastarduousness, the desired personality attribute is in fact defined as Boyish Enthusiasm. But I do appreciate that it’s not easy to create that perception if all I ever do is slag things off.

Hence this 100% genuine call for assistance. If you can think of anything in the world of financial services marketing worthy of an outpouring of Boyish Enthusiasm, please let me know as soon as. Otherwise I’ll just have to stay off-brand – there’s no shortage of things I hate.

2 thoughts on “Can someone please suggest something I ought to be nice about?

  1. The Co-op Bank don’t seem to do any marketing, but they are very high on customer satisfaction ratings – unusual for a retail bank. They are dull and worthy, wishing to share their profits with their customers in time-honoured co-operative movement style. I remember my mum’s divi number, 3.142 I think it was. Anyway, one may think the Co-op Bank’s moment has come, but then they probably would resist fancy bloody advertisin’.

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