Headlines Rewritten By The Client, #33872

German Wings, Lufthansa’s low-cost brand, is advertising on the tube at the moment.  I can’t remember what the headlines say, but there are appropriate pictures of a couple of German destinations and sub-heads which simply say Fly to Hamburg or Berlin, or whatever the case may be.

Or at least that’s what I’m sure the subheads originally said.  But no doubt the campaign is part-funded by contributions from a tourism levy on Germany’s cities or regions, and no doubt there was concern in the meeting from the representatives of Westphalia or Schleswig-Holstein or wherever that an ad just featuring Hamburg and Berlin was doing nothing for them.

The future of the whole creative approach must’ve hung in the balance….until a thoughtful agency planner made the point that the ads in the campaign aren’t in fact intended single-mindedly (or rather double-mindedly) to promote Hamburg or Berlin, or wherever – these are just examples of the kinds of destinations served by German Wings.

Examples, thought the account director.  These are just examples.  If only that was a bit clearer…

Which is why the ads in the tube feature a sub-head which actually reads:  Fly to e.g. Hamburg and Berlin.  Which is nonsense.  But it saved the campaign.

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