How the office is different from home

Well, altogether, in lots of ways, obviously.  My children don’t live here.  I can’t have a bath here.  Other people do what I ask them to do here, at least occasionally. But these are not the ways that interest me this morning.  I’m interested in the amazingly different costs of things.

Some things are astoundingly much more expensive when bought for offices.  I never like knowing, for example, what we pay for computers, because it’s so much more than normal people pay at home.  When home PC buyers can buy a perfectly good Dell desktop for £300 or so, for example, people in offices are paying three times as much for less powerful machines.  I don’t know why.  In offices, you just do.

But sometimes the balance tilts the other way – literally, if I use the balance tilt facility on my new leather executive style chair.  This cost about £50, and as well as tilting it rotates, goes up and down and very likely ejects me through the ceiling if I’m not careful.  £50!  You try buying a big leather chair, complete with arms, for £50 in a home furnishing store. Even IKEA.  Look in the catalogues – Viking Online is a good one – and you’ll see that office furniture is so cheap, it makes IKEA look like Harrods.

Obvious solution:  office people buy computers in home computing stores, homeowners buy furniture in office equipment stores.  Your sitting room might look a bit, well, officey.  But think how much you’d save.

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