“I didn’t ask to be named after a fungal infection…”

Back on the red carpet last night, and skipping eagerly up onto the stage to collect the gold for Best Copy at the Precision Marketing awards. (Actually no skipping on my own part:  a mixed bag of psychological quirks prevents me from going onstage to collect awards, and I always push colleagues and clients into the limelight.)

Best Copy, I might add, not just in financial services but in all of everything.  The best copy in the whole world of junk mail.  Sorry, direct marketing.

Our flagship children’s savings account Jump, of course.  My headline above is actually the first line of copy from the best of last year’s ads.  (To make sense of it, you need to know that the ad’s headline was “Candida Writes…”)

OK, I’m biased, but I’m in no doubt that Jump richly deserves every single award it’s won, and many more besides.  It has an accuracy, freshness and honesty of insight into the state of relations between parents and children that you won’t find anywhere else in financial services.  In fact, although I would never get this claim through compliance, I think it has more insight into the way people feel than all other financial campaigns put together.

I’m very proud of it, but, to be honest, somewhat mystified that we’ve really only done it once.  Is there anyone out there who would like a similar turbocharging of the level of insight into their target market reflected in their communications?  If so, I can’t tell you how much I’d love to hear from you.  


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