No, there’s still something about these LinkedIn endorsements that I’m not getting

First, thanks to all of you.  Yes, really.  Big thanks.  To everyone (anyone?) in that Venn Diagram overlap between blog-readers and LinkedIn endorsers, I’m genuinely touched and grateful.

But along with the thanks, an apology too.  I still haven’t endorsed anyone for anything.  This is not because I think my LinkedIn contacts lack talent.  Au contraire.  If anything, it’s the opposite – I have so many contacts with so many talents that in the interest of fairness, once I’d started I’d find it difficult to stop until many thousands of clicks later.

But there’s still something about the whole business that I don’t get.  Maybe I’m just being selfish and egotistical and looking for something that isn’t there.  But why have so many of them (you?) kindly endorsed me for Marketing Communications, Advertising, Integrated Marketing and all the other items in a remarkably long list?

(Altogether I’ve been endorsed for 39 different skills, which either means I’m a very clever and multi-faceted fellow, or that I’m an absolutely classic Jack of all trades.  And some endorsers come back to endorse me for new skills time after time:  one or two have been back so often that they’ve covered everything of any possible interest and are now left with skills like “shoelace-tying” and “hailing cabs.”)

Is there an unspoken deal that one’s supposed to reciprocate – you click on my skills, I’ll click on yours?  Or is it a way of reconnecting and restarting a relationship?  (I notice that most of my endorsers are, frankly, people selling to me rather than people I’m selling to.)

I find it hard to imagine that when people are drawing up their mental to-do lists in the morning, they’re thinking to themselves, “Ah, yes, must remember to endorse Lucian Camp for his brand development skills.”  I’m missing something here:  can anyone tell me what it is?

2 thoughts on “No, there’s still something about these LinkedIn endorsements that I’m not getting

  1. I don’t get it either. I think these endorsements are a complete waste of time.

    … But that doesn’t stop me being deeply jealous that you’ve got tons more of the things than I do.

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