Oh, right, that kind of protection

Coming in to work this morning, I was surprised to discover that Tom Baigrie had finally managed to get his generic life assurance campaign off the ground.  At Euston I saw a 48-sheet poster featuring a good-looking, half-dressed and distinctly smoochy-looking young couple with a headline that says:  Powerful Protection Never Felt So Gentle.

The headline seemed a little odd:  does life assurance ever seem “gentle”?  Is gentleness a benefit that consumers appreciate?  And what would it actually be like in life assurance?  Am I right in thinking that a life company only really gets to be “gentle” at the time of a claim?

As I pondered these issues, my eye drifted gradually to the bottom right corner of the poster, and I realised that I was on the wrong track.  “NIVEA Sensitive,” the logo said.  Not the kind of “protection” I’d been imagining at all.

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  1. “My eye gradually drifted to the bottom.” This is what happens when you spend too much time in France, Lucien.

    I was holding forth last night: “I was conflating two things…” I began, rather pleased with my choice of words, when the bird puts in, “That’s what happens at your age.”

    But she IS my pension, so I laughed and laughed.

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