Toughest call of the year: whether to set my Out Of Office

Actually it’s not tough for a few days yet:  this week I’m here, in the office, Out Of Office obviously unset.  But at the end of the week I’m taking advantage of the one really big freedom which I wasn’t able to enjoy as an agency person but can as an Entire Workforce – going down to my house in France for about seven weeks right through to Monday 2nd September.

So it’s obvious, obviously.  Seven weeks lying about by the pool:  Out Of Office definitely on to hold the fort in my absence, right?

Well, hang on a minute.  The thing is, I will actually be working while I’m down there.  Working quite a lot, in fact:  pretty much every morning, and an email check every evening.  And I’ll be coming back to the UK at least three times. maybe more, for various meetings and workshops.  It’s not so much, really, that I’m Out Of Office:  it’s more than I’ve moved the office 700 miles to south-west France.

An old friend who works for himself doesn’t have an office at all.  He has three homes, in the UK, France and the US, and when he makes contact there’s no way of telling which one he’s in.  (Well, apart from asking him, obviously.)  There might be times when he’d put on his Out Of Office – when diving in the Maldives or whatever – but certainly not just when he happens to be in Aix en Provence for the week.

So no Out Of Office for me either this year.  But don’t be too surprised if my phone has a different ringing tone for the next few weeks – or if I seem curiously reluctant to pop round for a quick chat.

2 thoughts on “Toughest call of the year: whether to set my Out Of Office

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