Tweeting from Timbuktu

Back in the day, anyone who ever flew on Concorde kept the cabin baggage label affixed to their briefcase until it disintegrated.  In fact, I bet there are still people with the remnants attached to their briefcase handles even today.

The modern equivalent, I notice, is tweeting from exotic destinations, and especially airports.  Anyone who is away on business in Shenzen, or Dar-es-Salaam, or Bogota, or even Pigsknuckle Arkansas, will feel obliged to share the fact with their network – usually including some bogus “news” such as a flight delay or a problem with a hotel booking, in order to provide an ostensible purpose for the message other than just showing off their location.

Personally, I’m just as snobby and pompous as anyone who does this, but I’m snobby and pompous in an inverse kind of way.  In the next ten days – this is true – my business destinations are, in order, Kettering, Luxembourg, Redhill and Bury St Edmunds.   I’m hoping for late-running trains or problems with station buffets to give me a pretext for tweeting my whereabouts.

1 thought on “Tweeting from Timbuktu

  1. Luxembourg? That’s the odd one out. Nearby Liechtenstein is doubly landlocked – completely bordered by landlocked countries – so your money’s safe there. Kettering has Weetabix, of course, and Paul Gascoigne was Kettering Town’s manager for several days.

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