What does it say about you when you can’t spell your own name?

Sorry if that screen grab is on the large side, but at least you can see what I want you to see. I was pleased to receive this email yesterday telling me that what’s probably my favourite London fish restaurant (and was probably my fathers favourite too) has now re-opened for business. But I was much less pleased – in fact I was amazed – to notice that in the email’s header the name Sheekey is spelt wrong.

I suppose the fact that I’m writing a blog about this says that I’ve become the sort of pompous old fart who complains when restaurants spell their own names wrong. In other words, it’s a blog that says much more about me than about them – and what it says about me isn’t good.

So I’ll leave it there – except only to add that I actually am pompous enough for this little error to have put me off going.

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