Why do cyclists go to work so late?

The period between 8.45 and 9am seems to be the watershed.  Before 8.45, just a few:  after 9, shoals.  All the way through to at least 9.30, maybe even a bit later.

Tubes and buses, meanwhile, are rammed much earlier.  Buses coming down Camden Road are likely to be too full to stop from about 8.15, and the City branch of the Northern Line is hellish from 8..

I can’t explain what’s happening with the cyclists.  Do they have different kinds of jobs?  Are they different kinds of people?  Am I in fact wrong, and there’s some less-than-apparent reason why the evidence is misleading?

Don’t hold back if you have a theory to peddle.

2 thoughts on “Why do cyclists go to work so late?

  1. Here are my theories:
    – at such times bikes are the quickest form of transport, so whilst peak on road time might be 9 15, and, say 8 15 for cars, it doesn’t follow that bike people arrive 60 minutes later
    – if you chose to travel by car you will tend to think ” better leave early” – not necessarily so for bike people – they will think, ” I shall simply woosh past the stationary vehicles”
    – that said, if you are a bike person you are more likely to have less requirement to be somewhere early – you are more likely to be a student of some sort, or a public sector worker, or a volunteer
    – you are also significantly less likely to be transporting children and hence would have no need to keep school opening hours ( how important this last point is could perhaps be tested at the next half term )

  2. As far as I can remember, I remember cycling to work, getting later and later because of the fabled freedom that cycling brings, and suggesting to my line manager that I was justifiably early for tomorrow.

    Certainly, before 9am is hell on wheels. Around 10am is beautifully serene. I rest my arse, I mean my case.

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