The story so far

Was born, went to school, went to uni, played in band, got job as advertising copywriter, became creative director, discovered subtle pleasures of financial services.

Founded first financial agency (DMB&B Financial, now Masius) in 1989. Founded second, CCHM (now Tangible) in 1997. Sold Tangible 2007. Left and set up Lucian Camp, Consulting in 2010.

What does all this mean? It means a heady cocktail of experience and creativity, and an inexplicable enthusiasm for applying both to brand, marketing and communications problems in financial services.

If you mouse over the words in the outer ring of the circle, a bit more detail on all this will magically appear.

written well over 1,000,000 words of financial copy, in print, advertising, direct marketing, online, and in journalism (of which I reckon about 800,000 have been very or fairly interesting)
created advertising and marketing campaigns for every major financial services provider in the UK except, oddly enough, Fidelity, Halifax and Standard Life
managed the most award-winning financial services campaign of recent years, Witan Investment Trust's children's savings brand Jump.
launched and then steered the course for 2 specialist financial agencies - first DMB&B Financial (now Masius) and then CCHM (now Tangible UK)
helped launch at least two dozen new financial brands including Selestia, Royal London 360, Riley, Jump, MORE TH>N, Britannic Money, ISIS, Resolution, Legal & General International and many more
relaunched probably twice as many new financial brand or visual identities, including recently Nationwide, The Derbyshire, St. James's Place, Scottish Life, Royal Liver, Park Row, Chase de Vere, MGM Advantage, Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance and many more
produced the marketing campaign for the most successful investment launch ever, Mercury Asset Management's European Privatisation Trust
spoken at well over 100 conferences and seminars, with a frankness that's sometimes had a bad effect on the new business prospects list
posted over 200 entries on my entertaining (hopefully) and irreverent (definitely) blog, available for your perusal at
responded to an FSA discussion paper with a proposal that financial communications should be fined for being dull
chaired the Money Marketing Financial Advertising Awards judging panel for the last seven years
and fought every inch of the way and every minute of the time never, ever to accept that financial communications need to be boring.